Individual and After School,  Group Programs
To Be Their Best

Our goal is help youth reach their potential, helping them gain confidence and develop skills that will help them acheive their school and life goals.

Our summer camp programs have received rave reviews from parents and children. Our goal has been to provide challenging activities to improve academic and social skills while keeping the program fast paced and FUN! These camps are perfect for children who may have some learning differences(ADHD, Dyslexia) as well as students who may want to challenge themselves to prevent summer learning loss and to really get a jump on the next school year.


Recognized as the leading computer based and evidenced based Cognitive training program for working memory which is one of the basic skills that affects Executive Function. We have certified Cogmed trainer on staff.

Cognitive Assessments

We offer specialized group training at schools for Reading Comprehension, Math Skills and ACT training. We group students based on age and ability levels. Most training lasts 60-90 minutes. We also offer simulated ACT test sessions to give students practice for the stamina needed on test day .

We utilize a variety of cognitive and academic assessments to determine the skill set that needs the greatest improvement. Assessments vary in cost and time needed to complete a specific assessment. Contact us to discuss your childs needs.

Brain Ingenuity offers age and ability appropriate grouped programs as well as customized individual programs. All programs are designed to maximize a childs skills and abilites in Executive Function, Reading Comprehension Self-Confidence, motivation and Social Skills.

Acheive YOUR Potential !!!